Thursday, January 20, 2011


Saturday morning, I got a haircut.  This is a big deal...since it had been around a year since I had cut it last. 

It was getting SUPER long.  Pretty much Little House on the Prairie long.  I was considering giving up shaving and just turning into a Cousin-It like creature.

So at any rate, I cut 8 inches off on Saturday (ok, I paid a lady to cut it).  The lady was awesome, btw.  She offered to take care of donating it to Locks of Love for me.

I wanted to show you a before and after shot, and the best photos I have are of my gut. 
I've been forcing David to take pictures every few weeks.  
You know, so I have evidence that I'm getting bigger.
It's healthy.

So here's my hair before, at 8 weeks preggo.
8 weeks
 Notice that the hair goes down to midback, well past my boobs.

And here it is at 14 weeks...along with my gut.
14 weeks
And now the hair only goes about halfway between my shoulders and my boobs!  It's way less frizzy looking than before.  I think I should never go a year between hair cuts.

Also, notice the gut.  My pants hurt.  Booooo gut.  
Mom insisted that I buy some maternity pants because she got a little freaked out when I talked about how I was smashing the baby in my jeans and the baby was going to come out all funny looking.
I'm still fighting the maternity pants, but loved her suggestion that I wear sweats more often.
An excuse to wear sweats?  Yes, please!


  1. If you want to continue avoiding the maternity pants (which once you give in you will never be the same!) I would recommend looking in to a bellaband or bebe band (I bought mine at Target). It's quite handy and allows you to continue wearing nonmaternity pants comfortably for a little while longer. There is also the good ole' rubberband trick :)

  2. Hi.

    Shoot. It erased my comment the first time. I think. Unless you already got this:

    So... I am pregnant, a bit farther than you (20 weeks according to the drs). When I broke down and got my maternity pants (from currently on sale), i fell in love all over again. I have work pants as comfy as sweatpants and I would argue, now more comfortable-- the little tyrant has started kicking the waistband of my sweats. Anyways, just give in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones I got (secret fit belly or something like that).