Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm terrified of pregnancy stretch marks.
I blame this fear on google images.

39 Weeks Pregnant - 1st Baby - Stretch Marks

I know that a lot of this is linked to genetics and, luckily, Momma Brownback doesn't boast scary zebra-like stretch marks.

Still, though, I don't want to look like the ladies above.  So I've been using lotion like it's going out of style and convinced Lindy to buy something I noticed on our trip to Seattle.  This stall at the market sold organic bee's wax lotion and I purchased some for my hands.  I almost bought the Tummy Bar version of the hand lotion, but opted against it because I wasn't yet pregnant and didn't want to jinx myself or get the Nanc-in-ator too excited.

So Lindy got sent on an errand...

It's a really cool product, in that it's a solid bar that you rub on yourself.  I've taken the hand version through airport security without a problem.  The hand version looks like a sun with a face, but the tummy bar looks like...well...

A tummy.  Boobs and all.  I love this stuff--seriously, it feel like heaven when I rub it on, but I have to admit, it's a little uncomfortable to rub boobs all over my boobs.  

To correct this problem, I've decided that I will use the bar with the boobs facing my palm.  

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  1. So are you saying I shouldn't show you pictures of when I was PG with the twins? Or current day pictures? Jk, I didn't take any. STOP googling.